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CANON ezCISS Kits comes with

  1. Individual Refillable ink tank allow countless refill.
  2. Prefill 90ml to 110ml EACH COLOUR of PREMIUM QUALITY DYE INK
  3. Latest Design Clear Spongeless Cartridge.
  4. 1 Vacuum Refill Tool
  5. 1 Set Air Filter
  6. Flexible PVC line tubing
  7. Support Arm & Tube Holder
  8. Installation booklet with step by step pictorial guide
  9. Retail Box Packaging
  10. PLUG & PRINT fully assembled

Printer Model Cartridge Number Colour Status
  4 Pre-Order

Canon i255
Canon i355
Canon  i450
Canon i455
Canon iP1000
Canon iP1500
Canon iP2000
Canon i470D
Canon i475D
Canon MP110
Canon MP130
Canon MP190
Canon MPC200
Canon MP370
Canon MP390
Canon MPC190s
Canon S300
Canon S200SP
Canon SP200SPX



Canon BJC-49650
Canon BJC-5000
Canon BJC-5100
Canon BJC-5500
Canon BJC-200SP
Canon BJC-2100SP
Canon BJC-4310SP
Canon S100SP


Canon iP100 PGI-35(B)
4 Please See HERE

Canon IP1200
Canon IP1300
Canon IP1600
Canon IP1700
Canon IP2200
Canon IP6210D
Canon IP6220D
Canon MP150
Canon MP160
Canon MP170
Canon MP450
Canon IP1880
Canon IP2580
Canon MP145
Canon MP228
Canon MX308
Canon MX318


PG-40 Black
CL-41 Colour
PG-50 Black
CL-51 Colour
CL-52 Photo
4 Please See HERE
Canon iP1880
Canon iP2580
Canon MP145
Canon MP228
4 Please See HERE

Canon BJC-3000
Canon BJC-6000
Canon BJC-6200
Canon BJC-6500
Canon i550
Canon i850
Canon i6100
Canon i6500
Canon MP700
Canon MP730
Canon MPC400
Canon MPC600F
Canon S400
Canon S450
Canon S520
Canon S600
Canon S450D
Canon S630D
Canon S400SP
Canon S530D


BCI-3eBK/3eC/3eM/3eY 4 In Stock

Canon i560
Canon PIXMA iP3000


BCI-3eBK/6C/6M/6Y 4 In Stock

Canon iP3300
Canon iP3500
Canon iX4000
Canon iX5000
Canon MP510
Canon MP520
With Or Without Auto Reset Chip


4 In Stock

Canon iP4200
Canon iP4300
Canon iP4500
Canon iP5300
Canon iP5200
Canon MP500
Canon MP530
Canon MP610
Canon MP800
Canon MP810
Canon MP830
Canon MP600

With Or Without Auto Reset Chip


5 In Stock

Canon i865
Canon iP5000
Canon iP4000
Canon MP760
Canon MP780


5 In Stock

Canon IP3680
Canon IP4680
With Chip


CLI-821 C M Y K
5 In Stock

Canon BJC-8200
Canon S800
Canon S820
Canon S820D
Canon S830D
Canon S900
Canon i905D
Canon i950
Canon i990
Canon i9100
Canon S800
Canon S820
Canon S830
Canon iP6000D


BCI-6BK/6C/6M/6Y/6PM/6PC 6 Pre-Order

Canon iP6600
Canon iP6600D
Canon iP6700D
The system is offered without Chips. But customers can install the original chip onto this system. The instructions are offered within the package.


CLI-8 BK/ C/ M/ Y/ PC/ PM 6 Pre-Order
Canon i990 BCI-6BK/6C/6M/6Y/6PM/6PC/6R 7 Pre-Order

Canon i9950
Canon i9900
Canon iP8500


BCI-6BK/6C/6M/6Y/ 6PM/6PC/6R/6G 8 Pre-Order



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