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Part I - The Basics (GENERAL)
Part II - Printer Stuff (GENERAL)

Part III - The PG-40 /CL-41 Dilemma (CANON / HP)

Why do I need a ezCISS Kit?
  1. Save on your Printing Cost!

  2. With powerful Digital Cameras and High Resolution Printers, it makes more sense to print for less at your own leisure. Sending your Digital Photos to the shop will incur processing fees and other inconveniences.  With ezCISS, Just Shoot and Print in minutes, all for a fraction of the cost.

  3. Photos, Presentations, Assignments, Tender, etc.  You can print without worrying about burning your pocket or running out of ink in the middle of printing.

What is a CISS and how does it work?
The ezCISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) can provide significant cost saving to the high volume ink user. Quite simply it does what it says-it provides a continuous supply of ink to the printer. No more down-time changing cartridge, which has hosting to external ink bottles. This custom cartridges draws the required amount of ink from the refillable ink tank as needed.

What kind of cartridge is in the CISS? (EPSON)
Regulated no sponge flow control cartridge. Free from sponge drying or air leak problem. Custom design cartridge for specific CISS application. It allow high volume printing with reliable, consistence ink delivery.

How long it take to install the unit?
It will take less than 5 min to install and print out the first page.

How do your ARC's (Auto Resetting Chips) work? (EPSON)
The Auto Reset Chip will show and operate just as a normal cartridge would with the exception that when they get down to about 10%, when you next turn off and on the printer, it will reset to 90% full and continue to function as a full cartridge. There is no need for removal or manual resetting.  This latest Auto Reset Chip will NOT clean the print head every time you turn on the printer, thus you save on your ink.

How much will I save by using a CISS?
That depends how much you print. Obviously, the more you print the more you will be saving. Consider it this way, in our smallest set of replacement inks (100ml of each colour), there is approximately 8 times more ink than a single set of cartridges. Now add the ringgit to the equation and you get 8 more ink for the cost of one set of Epson Cartridges.  The refillable ink tanks allow for countless refills. In this way, you save on your printing cost

How do your inks compare to Originals?
The print quality of CISS is just as good as using an OEM inkjet cartridges.

Will it affect the quality of my prints?
The system will not lower the quality of your printouts. In fact if anything it delivers a more consistent and higher quality printout every time since the print head is always full like a brand new cartridge.

Will the installation of this system void my warranty?
If you use generic cartridges, does that void your warranty? The system is the same as a generic cartridge only the ink is stored externally in bottles.

Where can I get more ink when the ink tanks are low?
Any reliable shop that sells compatible Dye Ink. OR You can get them from me.




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