Buying an Inkjet Pinter or All In One (AIO)
Part I - The Basics (GENERAL)
Part II - Printer Stuff (GENERAL)

Part III - The PG-40 /CL-41 Dilemma (CANON / HP)

I’ve been putting this off for sometime as I’m well aware that some local Retails are copying my work without my permission. Well, that market competition for you.. Somebody will just copy your work and slash prices to undermine me. Back to the topic at hand.

It all comes down to printing mileage and cost of printing. Yup, there are supporters of Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, etc all saying one is better then the other. This is an area that I will not dwell on as each individual has their own strong opinions and bad experiences. I’ll concentrate on the issues of printer ownership.





I need a Cheap Printer!
The manufactures knows this and capitalise on consumers to buy the cheapest printer available out there. Do some research on the consumables prices (Original or OEM) before deciding on which printer to buy. Some only find out when it's too late, that a new set of Original Cartridges cost the same or more then the  purchase price of the printer!

I can get cheap OEM Consumables.
Firstly, know what you are buying. Yes I’ve seen those affordable “Buy 10 get 1 free” cartridges out there. As a consumer, you need to ponder for a moment, ask yourself this, am I paying for plastic or ink? Quantity in Cartridges does not mean Quantity in Ink. Remember, it’s all about printing mileage.

I can get 11 cartridges.. that's a good deal!
That may be true, but how much can you print? How much ink is actually inside the cartridges? Most OEM cartridges are not transparent plastic, thus you don’t actually know how much ink they put in. You have in hand 11 cartridges that could only be HALF or QUARTER full.

The Cartridge weighs about the same and shaking it “sound” full.
Weight is made from 2 parts, the Cartridge and Ink. Who is to say that the OEM Cartridge material does not makes the majority of the weight? Furthermore, “Sounds” full is an understatement, opening up most OEM cartridge reveals it’s stuffed with sponge. “Sounds” full just doesn’t cut it anymore.

What does that all mean?
Summary - pay for ink and not plastic.

What about ink quality?
There are many grades of Ink out there. From the cheap stuff to the good stuff. Commercially to make a business profitable, "they" get the cheap stuff lah.. better profit margin wut! Undeniable that the basic principal of business. The only way to be 100% sure you get the good stuff is by sticking to Originals or from a reputable seller that you trust.  Me, I don't dare risk it lah, the consequences of selling low grade ink will most definitely cause problems that I wish to avoid.

Dye vs Pigment ink.
Difference is, Dye is normal ink while Pigment is waterproof ink. Pigment is also 2X more expensive then dye. The thing is, do you really need waterproof ink all the time? For those “required” occasions, just use waterproof glossy paper. In the end, you save much more and still get good mileage.

Using OEM ink will kill the printer!
Gezz.. same old story time and again. YES "some" bad apples spoilt the whole basket, so choose wisely. Some cannot see that it’s also mainly due to their lack of maintenance. A common scenario is placing the printer in a baking hot room. You just have to understand that it's a liquid chemical product. Anything liquid can, and will dry up if left unattended to. Do show me an Original Cartridge that will not dry up. I’ll be the fist to buy that company's shares.

Expensive Ink means it’s good?
Who is to say should a seller mark up 1000% and claim it’s the best grade? Only way to know is from printing usage. You like it and it suits you, stick to it. The reverse may not hold true. Comparing ink by price is difficult to gauge its quality.

Hey, that brand is an ISO quality certified company, surely must be good stuff!
Please do some “googling” on what ISO is about.  ISO certified companies can be for many things, e.g. Customer Service! Now I ask you back, what’s that got to do with the ink quality? Get my drift?

I don’t care lah, as long as can print.
Yes that true, but for how long? By all means if it suits you nobody can stop you. Print until “kaput”, then buy another printer. But not many can afford to do so.  Well I prefer to get the most mileage for what I paid for.

Inject the cartridge, problem solved.
That’s doesn’t work anymore, it goes further then that. Nearly all InkJet printer have implemented CHIP technology on the cartridges. Even if you inject it full of ink, the printer will still refuse the print because of the CHIP.

Why do they put the CHIP?
Obviously if you have read from the beginning, that’s where the manufacturers make their profits. Sell you a super cheap printer and make back from your via consumables.

Anyway to “workaround” the CHIP?
YES.. I know how to workaround most EPSON, CANON and HP models. For obvious reasons, I’m not posting here. It’s reserved information for my privileged customers.

Which Printer/AIO models are using the CHIP?
That’s super easy.. nearly all Brands at this point of time. Yup even the delightful CANON has caught on the bandwagon.

So what you recommendation, you just wana sell your product izzit?
Well, that for you to decide. I share what I know for your benefit. What you do with your new found FREE knowledge is up to you. :)

Bro.. I can get cheaper CISS price compare to yours!
That’s good for you.. Honestly, do get your moneys worth. Do note however there are many things to consider.
a. Ink Quality – same or less? Most systems I've seen are 75ml types or LESS
b. Ink Quality – Well I think my bulk speaks for itself.
c. CHIP – People can advertise what they want. My customers can back me up that the chips I use are functional as claimed. FYI – there are many different types of CHIPS in the market.
d. Cartridges – Cartridge Design is important.
e. Ink Tanks – Even more important.
f.  Ink Tube - Thin
g. Air Filter – Well.. you need it man
h. Summary – I have selected the best for every part that that makes the whole system.

How do I know if the seller knows his stuff?
Sadly many Noobs get stuck in this situation. Best to do an intensive Q&A with the seller to really see how much they know about the product or Printer. Some may tell you what you want to hear or just plain BS. You are a sensible consumer, don’t just take things for granted.

Okay lah.. so how much can I print with a system?
Don’t get blinded by promotional materials, it’s just plain BS marketing sales pitch to me. Everybody prints differently, area of coverage and colours used play an important role. The best assurance I can give is that you have the ink required for what you paid. If you get a 400ml type, then you can print as much as 400ml can get you. Hey.. I’m being honest!




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