Part I - The Basics (GENERAL)
Part II - Printer Stuff (GENERAL)

Part III - The PG-40 /CL-41 Dilemma (CANON / HP)


Okay, firstly you need to understand Part III before continuing.  If you think that refilling the individual  cartridges consistently will be cumbersome, this may be a good alternative for you then.

Points to note.

1. You have to use the Original Cartridge for the system to work as the printhead is built in.

2. Eventually the printhead will wear out as it was not designed for durability.

3. You need to manually override the counter via the paper feed button.




Some Q&A Before We Begin

I can get a similar 'system' from the stores
Yes you can, but if you understand Part III most probably they are using refurbished cartridges for their sets.

I can get the 'System' cheaper
It may be possible due to;
a. Refurbished Cartridges
b. Lower Grade Ink
c. Less Ink - e.g 50m or 75ml sets

Can you guarantee the printhead condition
Sorry, I can't.  As explained, the printhead was not designed for durability.

Are you making these up? The salesman never said anything like the above.
Well, it's just sales to them.  Take your Cash first and solve problem later.  I prefer my customers to know upfront what they are buying.

They claim "Buy 1 for U Whole life"
That may not be accurately true for PG-40 /CL-41 Systems.  The system YES, BUT you will have to replace the cartridges when it wears out eventually.

All this is too complicated for me
Sadly then it either sticking back to Original Cartridges OR manually refill them when required.
If you just need the refill ink, I can get it for you.


Do It Yourself - DIY ezCISS

Sample of Items included in the DIY set - Subject to latest changes

1. Pre-filled Ink tank
2. Flexible PVC line tubing
3. Cartridge Connector & Washer
4. Vacuum Refill Tool
5. Ink tube Clip
6. Tool
7. 1 set Air Filter
8. Installation booklet with step by step pictorial guide
9. Box Packaging

OPTIONAL - PG40/CL41 ready set.  As above but Plug & Print version.  Additional cost Of Original PG40/CL41 to be paid by customer.


If you get the concept of the above, then this system is for you!

PG-40 /CL-41 cartridges are not provided as you may use the ones that you currently have.  It's a matter of practicality, as including a NEW set of PG-40 /CL-41 Cartridges will increase the  price by more then 60%!

Please watch this space, updates will be posted as soon as I receive further confirmation





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