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TRUE 100ml 
Premium Quality Dye Ink Per Colour
(Pay LESS for MORE)

50ml or 75ml ink
FALSE advertising
(Pay MORE for LESS)

FULL QC Systems Non QC Systems
(Huge Air Gaps in the System and cartridges)


New Modular PPP Material Ink Tanks
FULL with ink

Tanks or Ink Bottles!
Smaller Size AND 1/2 Filled
Direct Top Pour Refill
Back or Sideways Inject Refill
Direct Flow, Spongeless, Transparent Cartridge

Empty / Gray / Recycle Volume Cartridge

Latest Auto Reset Chip

This system will NOT clean the print head and charge the ink before every use.
No more wasted ink!


Old Auto Rest Chip

(Always Reset to 100% Chip)
Will clean print head and charge the ink before every use.
You waste ink every time you turn on the printer!

Installation Booklet

LATEST Hardcopy with  Step by Step pictorial booklet provided for your installation convenience

Figure it out yourself

Plug and Print in 5 minutes!

NO Cartridge Modifications Required
NO Gloves Required
NO Chip Resetter Required

Self Modified Cartridges, Gloves, Chip Resetter


Support Service

Phone, SMS, email, MSN online support service

No experience and cant remember you!



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